Thank you for taking the time to visit this website.  My name is Jim Muehlhausen, the author of The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them and Business Models for Dummies.  As a serial entrepreneur and business coach, I have seen just about every business situation possible. I have had successful businesses and helped clients make millions of dollars. I have also failed miserably and seen client's businesses wreak havoc on their lives.

Like most business owners, I always want growth to be easier and faster. By studying the successes and failures of specific business situations, I assembled the biggest opportunities to learn from the successes and failures of business owners. This study turned into the 51 Errors book.

The book is designed to be an easy read - 51 errors all as an easily digestible nugget. Each error has three components: the error itself, an real-world example with the names disguised, and the solution so you know how to learn from the School of Hard Knocks. You can read the book in one sitting or simply read one error a day. Many readers have used the book as a reminder system long after reading it the first time. One client has his secretary book mark an error and put in his inbox on Mondays. He reads the error as a management reminder and opportunity to focus on new aspects of the business.

Over the years, I collected best and worst practices and assembled them into the 51 Errors book. If you have already read the book, thanks. I have packed this site with tons of content to supplement the book.  You will find much of these extras at Downloads & Book Extras. 

I offer a free monthly tip as well.  I respect your time and know you are busy, so I wont bug you with a daily or even a weekly email.  I know you have only so much bandwidth, so I only will hit you with the most important things you need to know.  Click here to learn more.

If you are looking for a way to implement the ideas in The 51 Errors, then check out all the pages on this site. I have included full color versions of the cartoons in the book as well as a few that didn't make the cut. Occasionally we offer an online workshop or virtual workshops that can accelerate the implementation of the concepts in the book. During these workshops we will take a deeper dive into one of the concepts in the book. Expect to learn how to better grow and manage your business during these webinars. 

Every business is looking for great vendors they can depend on and that provide excellent value.  We are constantly looking for quality service providers for SMBs. As we find these secret weapon vendors, we will list them on our trusted partners page.

If you have not yet read The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them, you can purchase it on Amazon or at your local bookseller.

Here's to taking your business to the next level!

Jim Muehlhausen

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