San Antonio CEO-only Workshop on October 25, 2011


Coaching Club Bonuses
(over $500 worth)

Each coaching club member receives:

  • 1 YEAR FREE USE of Faqdesigner ($119 value)*

  • “ACTING AS CEO” video* ($99 value):
    • Learn how Hollywood secrets can greatly improve your management abilities

  • 6 POWER EXERCISES to get the most from your people* ($79 value)

  • Member's Only Access to Previous Sessions* ($237 value)
    • Video and audio playback available

Greatest Hits coaching series delivered monthly
The greatest hits include the most important business lessons filtered from 3000+ live sessions into a 45 minute audio session. This product allows you many of the benefits of live coaching for a fraction of the cost. Each month, we pull knowledge from our nationwide coaching network and condense it into 45 minutes of fast-paced learning. Every month, you receive:

  • A fast-paced session on an essential business topic in Mule-kick style. A straightforward, no B.S. how-to so you can improve your business. (This session can be played in your car, on your computer or on an IPod)
  • A worksheet to reinforce the coaching session and give you next action steps
  • An outline of the coaching session for easy review
  • A review of a top business book with the “need to know” information minus all the fluff
  • Supplemental session for added learning and additional action items....

Access to our monthly business brainstorming call
Each month, business owners from around the country join us to hear Jim's topic of the month as well as brainstorm and share best practices on specific issues. Example topics:

  • Increasing margins
  • New business ventures
  • Retaining key employees without paying too much
  • Attracting top talent away from bigger companies
  • Creating a can-do company culture
  • Outsourcing functions to India/China/Philippines without going insane
  • Selling your business for top-dollar instead of just bailing out

* received after 3 months of membership

How much does it cost?

1st month $1

$9.95/month after billed to your credit card or Paypal


How long is the contract?

There is no contract. If you don’t like the service or simply aren’t using it, simply drop us an email and you’re done


Seems too cheap?

You’re right. This is a ton of value for the money. My goal is to become a trusted source of business information to you. If I need to offer a great deal to get you started, so be it. Once you see the value of my products, my guess is that you will want more