51 Fatal Errors

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What is it?

  • Each week, you will receive a summarized Fatal Error with updated commentary from the author of 51 Errors himself…Jim Muehlhausen!
    • Delivered via your choice of video/audio postcard/mp3/podcast

  • Greatest Hits coaching series delivered monthly
    • The most important business lessons filtered from 2500+ live sessions into a 45 minute audio session

o        This product allows you many of the benefits of live coaching for a fraction of the cost. Each month, we pull knowledge from our nationwide coaching network and condense it into 45 minutes of fast-paced learning. Every month, you receive:

·         A fast-paced session on an essential business topic in Mule-kick style.  A straightforward, no B.S. how-to so you can improve your business.

o        This session can be played in your car, on your computer or on an IPod

·         A worksheet to reinforce the coaching session and give you next action steps

·         An outline of the coaching session for easy review

·         A review of a top business book with the “need to know” information minus all the fluff

·         Supplemental session for added learning and additional action items.  This section also includes: 

§         New business trends you need to know to keep your market edge

§         A new management technique you must employ

§         The best of the best-practices from businesses around the country

§         A cost-saving trick that will blow your socks off

§         A fancy MBA-type trick that you can actually use

§         A personal and business coaching topic of the month. Examples include:

§         Turbo-charging your personal productivity

§         How to set meaningful goals and training yourself to hit them EVERY time

§         How to systematize your business to create maximum value and income

§         Creating a training and hiring system that is simply unbeatable

§         Getting the most from your employees: the theoretical and the practical

§         Creating critical performance measures: a key to driving maximum profitability

§         Creating profitable work/home balance


·         Access to our monthly business brainstorming call.  Each month, business owners from around the country join us to brainstorm and share best practices on a specific issue:

o        Example topics:

§         Increasing margins

§         New business ventures

§         Retaining key employees without paying too much

§         Attracting top talent away from bigger companies

§         Creating a can-do company culture

§         Outsourcing functions to India/China/Philippines without going insane

§         Selling your business for top-dollar instead of just bailing out


Coaching Club Bonuses (over $500 worth)

Each coaching club member receives:

·         1 year free use of Faqdesigner ($119 value)

·         “Acting as CEO video” ($99 value)

o        Learn how Hollywood secrets can greatly improve your management abilities

·         6 Power Exercises to get the most from your people ($79 value)

·         3 months free membership in The 51 Errors Inner Circle ($237 value)

o        Jim Muehlhausen hosts a 2-hour call where you can bring your most important business issues

o        Calls are recorded so you can access them for later playback


How much does it cost?

o        Try the club for only $1 for the first month, $9.95/month thereafter billed to your credit card or Paypal


How long is the contract?

o        There is no contract.  If you don’t like the service or simply aren’t using it, simply drop us an email and you’re done


Seems too cheap?

o        You’re right.  This is a ton of value for the money.  My goal is to become a trusted source of business information to you.  If I need to offer a great deal to get you started, so be it.  Once you see the value of my products, my guess is that you will want more



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