Customer Education Packet

Here is the basic outline of a customer education packet. You may also download an actual sample Welcome Packet


  • Make
    the customer feel like you have your �act together� by covering all the
    bases up front
  • Cover any sticky situations before they are �real.�  It is much easier to argue
    about a hypothetical bad situation than a real one
  • Disclose to the customer the ways they make the relationship difficult and
    help them mitigate it:
    • If you desperately need them to pay on time, let them know that it is not worth doing business with them if they don�t pay on time
    • Situations like user error should be addressed.  IT companies always get blamed for user error.You will be amazed what happens if you say upfront, �Hey there are going to be some bumps at the beginning.  Many of them will be user error, but your people will want to blame us.�
      • Technically, this is called the Abe Lincoln approach. Abe Lincoln, when he was a trial attorney, used to present the other side�s case for them.  He did it in a matter of fact way, but disclosed everything.  This effectively took the air out of the opposition�s sails.
  • Reinforce the customer�s purchase


  1. Welcome letter

    1. Thank them for their

    2. Tell them you look
      forward to working well as a team

    3. Tell them there is
      important information in the welcome packet and that they should take some
      time to review it.

  2. FAQs (what you can expect
    from us, 

    what we expect from you, how to get the
    most out of your relationship with us)

  1. Surveys/Questionnaires if

  2. How we can best work

  3. Contact information they
    may need

  4. Instructions for any
    process, website, form, etc.

    1. Can be in written, audio,
      or video form

    2. Include any web

  5. Any forms they may need


Physical Format

  • Can be a Word document or PDF (for copy protection) but physical form is more impressive.  Most likely a computer file will be misplaced
  • You can do a very nice bound version by using print on demand sites such as or simply create a cover sheet and use folders available at any office supply store
  • Either way, make the packet visually appealing as it is an advertising piece reinforcing the customer�s purchase.



Sample Welcome Packet

click on image to download PDF