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We have hooked up with to introduce you to their SalesMap process. You can read below how SalesMapping can:

  • Create a company-wide best of breed selling process.
  • This process stays with the company. Most companies have each salesperson create their own selling method. When you good salespeople leave, your good sales system leaves with them.
  • Improve the performance of poor salespeople by discovering and emulating the exact process the superstars use.
  • Discover “holes” in the marketing process that hamper salespeople procedurally.

It seems to be a giant mystery why some can sell well and some cannot. Many say that the star salespeople are born that way. Others say it is knowing all the right moves. We have a better answer, SalesMapping©

We feel that a strong sales process leads to great salespeople. Think about it. If Sally is your sales superstar and Tom is your poor performer, what is the difference between the two? Sally may have better personality characteristics. However, more than likely, Sally has designed a selling process that is superior to Tom’s. Simply, poor salespeople use poor sales processes. Excellent salespeople use excellent sales processes.

A SalesMap© is a proprietary consulting process that produces a standardized, repeatable selling process that works. Our philosophy is quite different from sales training. Sales training is predicated on the belief that poor salespeople need to be taught the “moves” to improve their selling skills. Our experience is that the poor sales performers can be taught all the moves in the world and

not know when to use them

They are like Barney Fife. The bullet always stays in their pocket.

SalesMapping© is predicated on the belief that all salespeople could improve if they used a best-of-breed process. The reality is that poor salespeople don’t sell because they don’t know the process of selling well, not that they don’t know what to say.

SalesMapping is a key ingredient to creating a strong sales management system. For every company we work with, we create a custom SalesMap©. We then work with the sales staff to create a fluid, consistent selling system.

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